Q: How long is your typical Executive Search?

A: As is the case in most consulting based services, successful closure to an Élever Professional Executive search depends largely on the client’s schedule and their internal process of interviewing, performing additional credentialing, and contract development.  As such, the length of an executive search is not completely indicative of our efficiency.  Where Élever delivers results that can be measured and evaluated are:

1) Develop Target List (known internally as sourcing): Complete target list within 7 days of search agreement

2) Conduct 2 rounds of interviews with potential candidates within 20 days of search agreement

3) Submit candidates and begin the interview process no later than 24 days into the search



Q: What makes Élever Professional unique when compared to other executive search firms?

A: Élever Professional was founded by entrepreneurs and our company’s board is comprised of entrepreneurs who have started, operated, and experienced the challenges of growing businesses.  Our services are catered toward companies who are innovative, rapidly changing, and engaged in a fight to acquire their industry’s respective stars.  We apply this experience to provide in-depth value in the candidate assessment process, and offer true consultative data throughout the entire search process. Élever Professional is made up of qualified and capable people who are equipped to take much of the hiring process off of your plate.



Q: What is your success rate in Executive Search?

A: Overall we boast an exceptional post-hire, first year retention rate and stand behind all of our work with a longstanding guarantee.  Every one of the candidates we placed between 2010 and 2015 were still leading contributors after at least a year. Some of those talent are still with those companies.  We make every effort and take every precaution to ensure the candidate we recruit for you is in it for the long haul. It stands to suggest that we’re good at what we do.


Q: What post-hire recourse can a client take if the Executive Search candidate doesn’t work out?

A: We have a great deal of confidence in the work we conduct, and our results have been astounding.  As such, we offer a guarantee that is unparalleled.  If a candidate doesn’t remain in the role for 90 days, we offer clients the option of repeating the search process, or a refund of the entire fee, minus a 10% administrative charge that can be credited to future work.  Further, if the placed candidate doesn’t remain with the hiring company 9 months, we will repeat the search process with no charge.


Q: Does Élever Professional only conduct an Executive Search on retainer?

A: Many Executive Level search assignments require a retainer due to sensitive matters of confidentiality, and the amount of upfront work that must be performed prior to launching the recruitment process.  Further, there are circumstances in which candidates are more likely to engage in discussions when the search firm represented is retained, as opposed to working on a contingency.  That said, we have a range of consultants who work solely on a contingency basis, and we will offer free consultation on which option is the best for your real-time needs.


Q: Does Élever Professional offer staffing solutions for non-executive level positions?

A: We have a wide range of staffing services, including RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing), Interim Executive Placement, and Contract/ Freelance placement.  Due to the ever-changing needs of our dynamic clientele, we keep a toolbox full of staffing and recruitment services, and can create plans that fit your needs.